DEKEMA Austromat® 624

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General Information

TheDEKEMA AUSTROMAT® 624 firing furnace improves esthetics by maximizing translucency and shade accuracy of fired ceramic restorations through precise temperature control and vacuum.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximize esthetics through optimizing true color & translucency with extremelyprecise temperature and vacuum control
  • Eliminates team tears, marginal lifting and exfoliation of porcelain from coping with DEKEMA® Autodry®
  • Gain peace of mind knowing all of your programs are always backed up automatically with USB backup and recovery
  • Simple navigation, accurate furnace control and programming using the high resolution touch screen
  • Have complete control over all DEKEMA’s as well as the ability to track/manage and report productivity of each furnace on the network.
  • Diagnose/Troubleshoot quickly through online diagnostics

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