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About Creation CC Metal Ceramics:

Creation CC is a modern high-fusing metal-ceramic with unique optical and physical properties - internationally recognized for more than 15 years.

The perfectly coordinated porcelains have excellent homogeneity and thus guarantee equally high flexural strength (84MPa) in all directions and excellent internal hardness. The result:a densely sintered microstructure for uncomplicated and non-porous layers, which hold reliably.

The genuine Scandinavian potassium feldspar in Creation CC creates iridescent light refraction and natural brilliance. Extraordinary nuances can additionally be created with the unique effect porcelains. Whether the beginners‘, basic, professional or Bleach Shade set: metal-ceramic restorations, impressive brilliance and colour stability can be achieved with the modular structure of Creation CC.

CC Kit 1
PN: 30804
Basic Porcelain Kit
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PN: 31508
Effect Porcelain Kit
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CC Opaque Kit
PN: 30055
Powder Opaque Kit
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Creapast Kit
PN: 30300
Paste Opaque Kit
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PN: 31590
Gingiva Colored Porcelain
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PN: 33200
Transition Dentins
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PN: 30250
Bleach Shade Kit
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PN: 30180
Stain Kit
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PN: 30100
Stain Kit
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PN: 30140
Modifier Kit
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PN: 30100
Stain Kit
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PN: 31503
Shoulder Porcelain Kit
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