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The Authentic® Flex Ring Set

* The Authentic Flex Ring Set is also used for the Pulse pressing technique.

The Authentic Flex Ring Set has been created to make pressing an even more efficient and reliable operation. The interior of the Flex Ring produces guide lines on the surface of the investment block that indicate the exact location of the patterns. You can very quickly reduce the ringless mold to retrieve the section containing the pressed patterns.

Authentic® Flex Rings allow free expansion and have vertically ribbed interiors that increases the surface area of the mold for 30% faster heating and cooling. The AFR Leveling Cap and the Base Former articulate to the Ring to produce a consistently sized and positioned mold.


Authentic® Flex Ring Instructions

These instructions must be followed to achieve the desired results.
This procedure is different from the conventional paper ring technique.

• Mix and pour the investment into the Flex Ring in the usual manner.

• After the normal, required bench set time, remove the Flex Ring and allow the ring to bench set for an additional 2 minutes!

• This provides the required moisture evaporation.

• Then place the ring into the hot oven.

Authentic® Flex Ring part numbers

Part # 100g Ring
#81102 2gm Base Former and Cap, 100 gm
#81103 AFR Flex Ring Only, 100 gm
Part # 200g Ring
#81104 Authentic® Flex Ring Set, 2 gm
Includes 200 gm Ring, Base Former and Leveling Cap
#81105 2 gm Base Former and Leveling Cap, 200 gm
#81106 AFR Flex Ring Only, 200 gm
#81118 5 gm Base Former only, 200 gm
Part # 300g Ring
#81107 AFR Flex Ring Only, 300 gm
#81115 2 gm Base Former, 300 gm
#81116 5 gm Base Former, 300 gm
#81117 Leveling Cap for 300 gm

* NOTE: The packaging has changed and no longer includes the cap. The cap must be purchased in 81104 listed above.