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The Rotofix Facebow

How to use:

TTHE ARTEX FACEBOW is so easy to use that one person, with no assistance, can accurately register the precise relation ship of the patient’s maxilla to the axis of rotation.

The facebow transfers this relationship into the articulator. Now, the articulator can truly serve as a representation of the “static” situation of the patient’s mouth in a 1:1 relationship. This procedure builds the basis for a functioning prosthetic restoration.

Follow the simple procedure shown below:

Step One:

Place bite-wax in three spots on bite fork, and place against maxillary arch to take cusp-tip impressions. Hold in place with cotton rolls. Place facebow frame on patient.

Step Two:

Stabilize the nasion bar and turn the nasion set-screw to lock.

Step Three:

Attach the three dimensional universal joint to the bitefork with the connecting screw.

Step Four:

Lock the universal joint in all three dimensions by simply turning one toggle lever.

Step Five:

Detach the universal joints containing the bitefork from the facebow.

Step Six:

Transfer the universal joint to the transfer stand, securing the bitefork in soft, quick-setting plaster.

Step Seven:

Detach the magnetic-based table with bitefork secured for shipment to the lab.

Step Eight:

In the laboratory, the magnetic table containing the bitefork is used to orient the maxillary cast in the articulator.